Dear Bob and the Team

Louise , 22 Apr 2016

I have been meaning to email you for a long while now, however never seem to get round to it. I just want to say a huge massive thank you for offering us such a fabulous service upon purchasing our new home.  We're so happy and are up to our eye balls with renovation works and are thoroughly enjoying our new surroundings. 

Bob you and your wonderful team were so patient and helpful to us on inspection day and were so happy to meet us at the house during the purchasing period, so we were able to show family through etc.  I have to say the over all experience received from you guys was awesome and I'd highly recommend Pam Court.  Sometimes, I truly feel the massive chains like Ray White do not seem to offer a very personable service.  Pam court on the other hand offered just that and this is a massive deal when purchasing a new home.

Mandy was so lovely on the day we came into the office to place our sealed bid, she had a very calming way about her that took the edge off my nerves.  Happy to answer all my questions, I came out feeling positive and sure about the process and was clear about what would happen next.  You then continued to keep in touch with us into the early hours of the evening (your down time) and even called us on a Sunday to let us know the wonderful news. 

You guys were amazing and we thank you so very much.