The return of old school values of buying and selling

Wade , 13 Feb 2016

The real estate game has to some garnered a reputation of sharks and sheer greed and ruthlessness that can make somewhat the buying and selling experience either a nightmare or something you only feel like ever wanting to address once. There are in the industry unfortunately agencies and agents that have made this reputation unfortunate for agents who are descent and still hold old school ethics and values when it comes to buying and selling. With Mandy Watson and the team from Pam Court Realty I can personally testify that they are true to there values and ethics in all aspects of the property game. I personally have bought property through there agency and just recently sold a property, 7 Honeymyrtle court with Mandy Watson being my agent for the listing. I was lucky to have Mandy looking after my listing and couldn't have asked for a better result. Her communication and consideration in all aspects of sale were second to none. She will be the only agent I intend to deal with in the future for buying and selling in the Mountain Creek area as the ease that is created in dealing with someone who has honesty, good old school ethics and values is something one can not put a price on.